My baby girl, Daisy, has just turned 7 weeks old.  As At One Day Spa only opened on 1 December 2010 you’ll guess that I did most of the start up activities whilst heavily pregnant.  In fact I was still doing the financials from the ante-natal ward the day I went into labour.  Fortunately the team at the Spa has been magnificent in allowing me to take a back seat for a while to get to grips with being a new first-time mum.  However, I now reach 7 weeks and in some ways it feels like Daisy has always been with us but in others it is still very new and scary and time-consuming. 

In my pre-mum days I used to wonder what to get my friends when they had new babies.  I always wanted to get something for baby but also something for mum.  After all, as I am now discovering, you go from being a person in your own right to being an on-demand milk-bar, nappy changer, entertainer, washer-woman and all round slave to a dot of a child.  Not to mention still being a partner and businesswoman.  And, of course, I now find that I am no longer Beth but “Daisy’s Mum (I’m awfully sorry but I don’t know your name)!”.    My hair hasn’t been cut in months, my skin is in appalling condition, I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in what feels like forever, and my clothes are perpetually covered in baby sick!  This is not a glamourous role!

If you ever share my dilemma of what to get a new mum, this is what I would like just now: (a) a little time out knowing that my precious girl is being cared for by someone reliable who will treat her with the same kid gloves I do, and (b) an opportunity to feel just a little bit smarter, cleaner and more relaxed and presentable than I do at the moment.  So I am asking my best friend to look after Daisy for a couple of hours and booking myself in for a treat.  I’m thinking facial, manicure and a bit of much needed waxing.  I may even see if Saks can give my hair a trim while I’m at it.

Why not book the new mum you know one of our fabulous spa packages and offer to look after her baby so she can go and bliss out for a couple of hours?  It could be just the pick-me-up she needs.