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Holistic Therapies

Our Holistic Therapies

Signature Healing Therapy

A unique tailored healing experience incorporating a range of techniques including reiki, aromatherapy, colours & crystals.


Relaxing therapeutic healing using reflex points in the feet.

Indian Head Massage

A classic upper back, neck, scalp and face massage.

Ear Candles

A safe effective treatment for ear and sinus health.  This treatment can help to release ear wax and is great to balance ears before a flight.


An energy channeling, natural and clothed healing therapy.

30 mins £37

50 mins £55

Just Be

A special treatment suitable for all that is part Reiki, part massage. Gentle but effective and deeply therapeutic.

20 min £30

35 min £43

50 min £55

Head in the Clouds

A super-relaxing express treatment focused on the shoulders, neck, scalp and face..