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Spa & Beauty

Please note that our relaxing massages use a light to medium pressure.  For those in need of deep tissue, postural or injury rehabilitation therapies, we also offer Deep Muscle Release Massage, Sports Massage & Physiotherapy: please visit our Therapy Clinic pages for more details.

Our range of relaxing massages are intended to truly relax and revive you whatever your price range or available time.  

Indulgence Spa Massage               £75

The ultimate in winding down, this full body light to medium pressure aromatherapy massage includes a sleep-inducing face & scalp massage, scented eye pillow and heat therapy.  Float away with your choice of light or firmer pressure.  

Indulgence Spa Massage with Hot Stones               £85

Truly spoil yourself by adding the warming comfort of hot stones into your Indulgence Massage.

Tranquility Massage     

A truly relaxing light or medium pressure back, neck and shoulder or full body massage.   

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Tranquility Massage  £35
  • Full Body Tranquility Massage £50

Tranquility Massage with Aromatherapy

Enhance your Tranquility Massage with a relaxing or energising aromatherapy oil.

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Tranquility Massage with Aromatherapy  £40
  • Full Body Tranquility Massage with Aromatherapy  £55

Tranquility Massage with Hot Stones

Enhance your Tranquility Massage with hot stone therapy for deeper comfort and relaxation.

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Tranquility Massage with Hot Stones £45
  • Full Body Tranquility Massage with Hot Stones £60

Tranquility Massage with Hot Stones & Aromatherapy

Bring the ultimate in luxurious relaxation into your Tranquility Massage with hot stones and aromatherapy oils.

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Tranquility Massage with Hot Stones and Aromatherapy £50
  • Full Body Tranquility Massage with Hot Stones and Aromatherapy £65

Express Massages

  • Express De-Stress  £30  A relaxing 20 minute express massage focused on releasing stress and tension in either your back or legs.  Carried out on a massage bed using unscented oils.
  • Head in the Clouds   £30   A soothing and deeply relaxing 20 minute express aromatherapy massage to ease the tension from your neck, shoulders, scalp and face.
  • Hand Reviver Massage   £15    Enjoy instant release of tension in the fingers, hands and forearms with this 10 minute express massage which can help prevent RSI developing.
  • Foot Reviver Massage    £15       Ease the stress and tension in your toes, feet, ankles and calves with a 10 minute express massage which is perfect after a day on your feet.

Please note:

  • Back, neck and shoulder massage is approximately 30 minutes.  Full body massage is approximately 50 minutes.
  • If you have specific aches and pains or injuries please view our therapeutic & remedial massage menu.
  • Please check our contraindications page before booking if you have any medical conditions.

Dermalogica products focus on skin health, so whether you want a quick-fix Flash Facials or a long pampering Luxury Spa Facial, you’ll find what you need here.

Luxury Spa Facial                           £80

For maximum relaxation with all the amazing skin results you’d expect from a Dermalogica facial.     Includes extended massage, heat treatments & prescribed aromatherapy.

Prescription Facial          £50

A completely customised treatment focusing on your personal skin priorities for optimum results.

Advance Prescription Facial       £60

The next level in customised skin care designed to address specific skin concerns.  Choose from:

  • Age Smart to tackle the signs of ageing.
  • Medibac for oily, congested skin.
  • Ultracalming for sensitive or sensitised skin.
  • Active Resurface for advanced exfoliation.

Bio-Surface Peel†                         £80

A powerful new skin resurfacing treatment for acne, pigmentation & ageing skins.

Express Flash Facials (20 minutes):

Intense, focused facials that provide instant results for just £25.  Choose from:

  • Flash Exfoliation
  • Age Repair
  • Moisture Boost
  • Oil Control
  • Skin Soothing
  • Blackhead Removal
  • Rapid Spot Clearing.


†  patch test required at least 24 hours before appointment.

With an amazing list of celeb clients, including Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston, CACI Non-Surgical Facelifts are THE non-invasive way to get amazing results.

THE Ultimate Facelift                          £95

The complete non-surgical lifting & firming facelift  with microdermabrasion & hydrating mask.

Classic Facelift                 £60

 The classic lifting &  firming microcurrent facial.

Microdermabrasion                     £45

A non-crystal resurfacing and skin renewal treatment followed by a hydrating and soothing mask.

Ultimate Eye Lift                           £50

Complete anti-ageing for the eye area with microdermabrasion, lifting, firming & hydration.

Ultimate Jowl Lift                         £50

Complete anti-ageing for sagging jowls with microdermabrasion, lifting, firming & hydration.

Express Treatments (20 mins):

  • Express Eye Lift       £30
  • Express Jowl Lift        £30
  • Express Hydration        £30

Our range of body polishes and wraps combine the principle concepts of skin health with relaxing therapeutic treatments.

Back Purification            £45

A deep cleansing & nourishing “facial” for the back.

Body Exfoliation Therapy           £45

A full body treatment to exfoliate & nourish the skin.

Body Wrap Therapy       £45

A full body wrap therapy to hydrate or detoxify.

Body Exfoliation & Wrap Therapy              £65

A personalised full body exfoliation & wrap to deliver both relaxation & results.

Hopi Ear Candles            £35

A safe, effective treatment for ear & sinus health.

Reflexology                         £55

A treatment working on the reflexes of the feet to stimulate healing and relaxation.

Indian Head Massage    £45

A classic upper back, neck, scalp & face therapy.

Reiki       £35 / £50

A healing therapy that works through channelling energy .

Just Be        £30 / £40 / £50 / £75 (depending on treatment time)

A safe and gentle healing treatment that provides touch therapy and mobilisation for anyone including those in palliative care.  Tailored to suit the needs of the client, this treatment has been described as “spiritual”.

Signature Healing Therapy         £65

A unique tailored experience incorporating healing therapies selected from: crystals, colour therapy, reiki, aromatherapy, visualisation, relaxation, hypnotherapy & massage.

Antenatal Massages for the Mother-to-Be

Antenatal Massage is the perfect treat for the mother-to-be.  Anytime after the first trimester antenatal massage will help to relieve the tension of carrying.

Nurture Massage   £85

The ultimate treat for the mother-to-be: a full body antenatal massage including face & scalp massage with optional aromatherapy inhalation & scented eye pillow.

Antenatal Massage   £46-£62

The perfect wind-down for any mother-to-be.  Total R&R using positions of comfort and lots of padding to make sure that mum and baby are safe and snuggly.

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder     £46
  • Full Body      £62

Please note that antenatal massages can only be carried out in the second and third trimester.  We will not carry out massage in the first trimester or on a woman considered “high risk” or with pregnancy complications (at any stage in the pregnancy) without written authority from a GP, midwife or consultant.