We often get asked if we treat pregnant women.  We do, of course, because it’s one of those times of life when a little physical and emotional support can go a long long way.

We generally recommend that women avoid treatments in the first trimester.  Not because the treatments are dangerous, but because your heightened risk of miscarriage at that time means that if you did miscarry we would hate you to be left wondering if it was your massage/manicure/facial that caused it.

In the second and third trimesters, right up to the time of birth, we can carry out most treatments on most pregnant women – although sometimes with a little adjustment here or there.

If you are “high risk” or have any complications or issues with your pregnancy you must check with your GP, consultant or midwife before booking in, just to make sure that your treatment is not contraindicated.

Many treatments are really enjoyable during pregnancy – massage can really help with back pain and general discomfort as well as soothing and easing the mind; facials can help with adjusting skin driven mad by hormones; and pedicures are amazing when you reach the point you can barely see your feet let alone reach them!

If you have any questions about treatments in pregnancy please email us on info@atonedayspa.co.uk.