OMG the sun is out!  It feels like forever since I showed my skin to the world.  I don’t know about you but stripping down to a t-shirt makes me feel decidedly pale and pasty at this time of the year.

The safe answer is a spray tan: it gives the illusion of longer limbs, a slimmer figure, evens your skin tone, sets off whatever you’re wearing and gives you an all-round enviable summer glow. And it doesn’t involve exposing yourself to strong UV rays.  Fake tan is nothing short of magic in a bottle!

So how do you get the perfect tan?

  • Exfoliate!!  In the days leading up to your spray tan, make sure you exfoliate your whole body.  Exfoliation is the application of gentle abrasive elements such as salt, sugar or ground nut kernels to the body to remove the top layer of dead skin and reveal the fresh new skin beneath.  Using a good exfoliator will make your skin soft, smooth, supple and glowing.  It also helps to eliminate spray tan streaking and uneven colour on areas like the knees and elbows.  You can get a professional exfoliation (e.g. our Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow treatment) or buy an exfoliator to use yourself (we also sell the Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow for use at home).
  • Get Your Colour Right!!  There’s nothing worse than looking orange…a professional spray tan therapist will select a colour that will look right on you, matching the colour to your skin tone and making sure that you come out looking naturally tanned.
  • Leave The Colour to Develop!!  Spray tan colour doesn’t immediately appear the colour it will end up looking.  It can take several hours to develop – so don’t shower for a while and be patient.  Over a period of time you will get gradually darker.
  • Use a Good Product!!  There are a lot of spray tan products out on the market – how do you know which to use?  Go by reputation!  Sienna X  is the official spray tan supplier to the Brit Awards and Strictly Come Dancing as well as winning the Best Tanning Supplier Guild Awards 2010.
  • Get Added Benefits!!  Your skin is natural and precious so it makes sense to use the best natural ingredients on it.   Sienna X spray tan uses ingredients like Aloe Vera, ginger, lemon peel oil and pomegranate to heal, sooth and protect the skin as well as making you smell good.
  • Get a Professional!!  Why risk streaking, uneven application or an unnatural colour?  Getting a pro to do the work for you not only avoids those pitfalls, it’s also quick and inexpensive.  We have a dedicated spray tanning room and use Sienna X tanning products for great results. 

Why not make the most of the sun – look and feel good with a beautifully applied spray tan from At One Day Spa and Sienna X.  Click here for details

Enjoy the great weather – let’s hope it lasts.

Beth x

29 March 2011