Last summer my feet were two things I rapidly lost sight of under my expanding belly and which were, in any case, encased in my fave trainers most of the time to accommodate my awkward pelvis.  Ah the joys of pregnancy!!

This summer my impressive shoe collection should be coming into its own again, but the feet that I can now see really don’t deserve such beautiful adornment.  My heels are cracked, my toenails are unloved and the less said about my callouses the better!  Chucking on a bit of nail varnish at the weekend and hoping for the best as I went forth in my sandals, didn’t really work…and you know you’re in a bad way when your mother’s feet look in better nick than your own.

She had her first ever pedicure at Christmas before a Caribbean cruise (yeah, I know, it’s a tough life she has!) and her feet still look great.  And she still waxes lyrical about what a wonderful experience it was (the pedi not the cruise…).  And she’s right, for most of us there’s something truly lovely about having your feet “fiddled with”.

Having a good pedicure is almost ceremonial – sitting back and relaxing your feet in a bubbling spa, having them scrubbed and massaged and pampered, watching your nails painted in a glorious colour, then sitting back and enjoying a coffee (or better still a glass of chilled wine) while they dry.  Bliss!  And, of course, a pedi seems to last a lot longer than a manicure which means that you keep enjoying the benefits for ages – every time you dig out your open-toed shoes in fact.

So, I’m booking in for my summer pedi.  Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than lying back in a warm sea, popping your feet out of the water and watching your amazing pink (or purple or red or blue or green…) nails bobbing up and down against a background of blue sky, white sand and green palm trees.  Well, a girl can dream!  This year I’ll just have to make believe and enjoy knowing they look fab on my lunchtime break in the park.

Long live the warm weather!