I get asked all the time what the difference is between different types of massage. So here’s an attempt to explain it in coffee terms!
Swedish massage is kind of the Nescafé of the massage world. Uncomplicated, modest, does what it says on the tin but maybe a little bland for more purist tastes.
Aromatherapy massage is your latte with syrup. Gentle and unassuming but with a hint of flavour that can really pick you up and make you smile.  Plus you can flavour it to suit your mood.
Deep tissue massage is a different thing entirely.  A good rich full roast americano – white or black, but definitely without sugar.  It hits the spot and does the trick. Y ou know when you’ve had it.  And once your hooked there’s no going back to those soft options!
Sports massage I like to think of as an espresso. It may not last long but boy is it effective! No frills, no fancy stuff just the straight hard-hitting macho man of the massage/coffee world.  NB If you’re having sports massage for an injury then promote yourself to a double espresso 🙂Indian head massage – our cappuccino. It’s lovely, relaxing and it really is all about the head!

And finally Hot stone massage – which after much debate we decided should be a liqueur coffee.  It’s splendid, rich, gives you a warm glow, and leaves you feeling like you just want to sleeeeeeep!