We welcome our latest exciting treatment – the Bacial!

Pronounced “Back-Shall” this amazing treatment is effectively a facial for the back.  It’s big in the States and it’s heading our way.  We just love to be ahead of the crowd!

Why would you need a facial for your back?  Simple!  Most of us can’t see our backs, much less get our hands to them, so they tend to get a bit neglected particularly over the winter when the only people who see our backs are our nearest and dearest who love us regardless of our blackheads and spotty shoulders (well, we hope they do anyway).  We hide our backs away and, well, frankly don’t give them the attention they deserve.  And no, trying to reach a hand slathered in shower gel between your shoulder blades doesn’t really count!

Then comes the summer bikini…or the Christmas backless LBD moment…and suddenly we’re either in a mad panic, decide to keep our backs hidden, or remain blissfully unaware of the state they are in!  This is where the Bacial comes in.

Over the course of an hour we cleanse, steam, extract, exfoliate, detoxify and moisturise your back, using some lovely products, plus we throw in a bit of massage, some chilled music and gentle scents to give you a treatment that will relax as well as give you visible benefits.  Albeit they may only be visible to people standing behind you!

We have selected therapeutic ingredients including shea butter, kelp seaweed, aloe vera and essential oils to ensure a truly effective treatment which includes an intensive back mask and natural salt scrub.  You get to relax and leave with a squeaky clean and presentable back.

Seriously – this is one of those treatments that you never knew you needed till you have it.  And you’ll never look back again (sorry, couldn’t resist that).

Check it out here.