A recent survey found that many adults don’t understand the sun protection ratings on skincare products.  In a country where 86% of melanoma skin cancers are caused by sun or sunbed exposure, and skin cancer kills 2,500 people a year, that’s a bit scary!

When looking at skincare and suncream products, you should look for protection against both UVA and UVB radiation.  Both are emitted by the sun and sunbeds, and both damage the skin.

UVA radiation goes deep into the skin and is associated with melanoma skin cancers and skin ageing.  The letters “UVA” in a circle with 1-5 stars shows the protection against UVA radiation.  The more stars – the greater the protection.

UVB radiation does not penetrate deeply but burns the surface of the skin and can also cause skin cancer.  The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) on a product tells you the level of protection against UVB radiation.  Multiply the SPF number by the number of minutes you can usually stay in the sun before you burn, to get a rough idea of the number of minutes it will protect you if used correctly. 

For broad spectrum protection facial skincare everyday try Dermalogica’s Solar Defense Booster SPF50 which you can mix with your regular moisturiser.  And for more resources to help you stay safe in the sun this year go to suncare.

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