Back in December we were asked if we’d like to take part in a advert.  I have no idea how or why they selected us…or even if it’s just that we were the only people who called them back…but one evening I found myself sitting in reception face to face with comedian Patrick Monaghan and a camera crew!

The viral ad that they produced is really quite good and shows off the Arcade and the Spa (nb Maria doesn’t usually wear nail varnish when doing facials, it’s just that she was going out that night…honest!).

Please take a look here to view the ad.  We are right at the end of it!

The ad also gives you a great idea of how the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Great Trade Up Challenge works.  On 31 Jan, along with other companies, we were given a red balloon by the hospital which we are trying to trade up…and up…and up…until we get the best value product or service we can by 28 Feb.  We then have a week to sell that product or service for the highest figure we can, which then goes to Birmingham Children’s Hospital emergency department refurb fund.  Please keep an eye on our charity page for our latest available trade and let us know if you are interested in trading!!