On-Site Massage

On-Site Massage

One of the most popular, practical and cost-effective ways to provide employee wellbeing support in the workplace is to introduce on or off-site remedial massage and / or holistic (healing) therapies.

There are a number of ways we can offer such services can be offered including:


  • On-site in an available meeting room using a portable massage chair or table
  • Off-site at our Spa just off Colmore Row.


  • Weekly 
  • Fortnightly 
  • Monthly 
  • “As required¨.


  • Fully funded by the employer
  • Fully funded by the employee
  • Part funded by each.


  • Booked sessions 
  • Drop-in sessions.


  • Periods from 5 to 60 minutes per person.

The benefits of such sessions for staff are numerous, but probably the most obvious benefits are:

  • Massage will keep the muscles loose around the neck and shoulder area and break down the build up of lactic acid that results from physical and emotional stress.
  • Both Massage and Holistic Therapies will help to relieve stress-related symptoms such as migraines, tension headaches and stomach upsets.
  • Both will reduce levels of the stress hormone Cortisol in the blood.

Studies have shown that with a programme of as little as 15 minutes of clothed massage a week, companies can significantly reduce the anxiety levels of their staff, leading to better morale and improved productivity.

Research also suggests that regular massage has a cumulative effect leading to long term improvements in health and wellbeing. Furthermore there is a proven carry-over into the workplace with workers finding difficult situations easier to handle following massage.

On Site Massage and/or Holistic Therapeutic Work is an effective way to send a clear message to staff that you care about their Wellbeing. All our therapists are fully trained, qualified and insured for both on and off-site treatment.

We can also provide on-site massage at conferences and events.