Employee Wellbeing Programmes

Employee Wellbeing Programmes

There is a sound generic business case for developing Wellbeing Programmes for your staff. However, it can be useful to have third-party support to ensure that the business case and Wellbeing scheme you develop and implement is sound and tailored to your business needs.

An external expert can also be more efficient than tasking internal resources to research and develop an approach for a subject often defined as “soft”.

Combining her management consultancy background with her health and wellbeing skills and experience, Beth Davies and her colleagues offer independent support in the development of:

  • A sound bespoke business case for a Wellbeing strategy or programme
  • Integrated Employee Wellbeing Programmes
  • Systems to analyse the outcomes of your Wellbeing programme

From employee surveys to cost-benefit analysis, we can help you to develop and implement a Wellbeing Programme that:

  • is relevant to your business
  • meets staff needs
  • delivers measurable benefits
  • removes the need to take on expensive external consultants
  • allows staff to focus on generating and supporting the business
  • is flexible to changes in your business.