Benefits, Rewards & Bonus Schemes

Benefits, Rewards & Bonus Schemes

Employee Schemes

Many businesses operate employee benefit, reward or bonus schemes which allow some or all staff to enjoy reduced or subsidised prices for services. These schemes can form an important part of Employee Wellbeing as well as making your business a more attractive place to work.

With its Spa in Birmingham City Centre, “At One” is perfectly located to support such schemes by:

  • Offering discounted prices or special offers to your staff.
  • Forming part of the benefits package offered to senior staff (for example, a company-funded deep-tissue massage therapy each month).
  • Providing more extensive remedial work to address workplace postural strain/pain to individuals with specific problems, which can be part or fully funded by the employer.
  • Providing performance-related staff incentives such as treatment vouchers.
  • Investigating your employee health scheme to see if massage can be funded from individual benefits.

Executive & Client Schemes

We offer a range of schemes that can be used to enhance an executive benefits package or show your appreciation to a key client. In particular our VIP Spa Packages offer treatment benefits and discounts from just £29 per month and we can supply treatment vouchers for men and women starting from £10. We can also tailor benefits to meet your specific requirements.

The Spa can also be hired as a dedicated venue for small groups and would be particularly appropriate for female-orientated business development or networking events including mini pampering treatments.