Mrs Claus was feeling a bit down.    “It’s all very well, all this ‘We’ve got a deadline to meet’ stuff, but my corns are sore and my feet are hurting” she grumbled as she delivered her 574th cup of tea to the elves on floor 36 of Santa’s new multi-storey workshop.

For years Santa’s elves had produced their toys in an out-of-town warehouse spread over two floors.  That wasn’t so bad as Mrs Claus had worked out a system for distributing tea that involved large tea urns and a manual distribution system.  Basically she would sit in the kitchen, brew the tea, take a large tray of mugs to one end of a production line, and the elves would pass the mugs along.  Good times!

But this year the warehouse had been demolished to build new executive housing, and Santa had taken a short term lease on 25 floors of a knackered old high-rise with broken lifts, going cheap in the economic downturn.

This wasn’t helped by the fact that during their summer outing to Birmingham (economic downturn again – they usually got a couple of weeks in the Algarve!), the Elves had discovered the 6/8 Cafe in Birmingham and now expected a much higher standard of beverage – no more “milk and two sugars” …it was all “Latte this”, “Americano that” and “Hot Chocolate the other”!

Of course, there had been other changes – Santa had employed a new HR Manager who introduced a more “elf-centred” approach:  Suggestion Boxes and Elf Satisfaction Surveys had been brought in, along with an Elf & Safety Committee who said that passing mugs along the production line was a hazard.  (To be fair there had been a couple of “near misses” in the last year and the HSE (Helping Santa’s Elves) were taking a much closer interest in the operation).

So no more tea urn, Hello! magazine and feet up in front of Jeremy Kyle for Mrs Claus!  Now she was on the move constantly.  She collected orders, she brewed, she poured, she frothed, she sugared, she sprinkled chocolate, she sorted coffee beans, she arranged tea bags,  she rang Hannah in the 6/8 to find out how to make patterns in the milky foam…  And after all that she lugged trayfuls of hot drinks up and down 24 flights of stairs to keep the team of elves happy and productive.

Any wonder she was feeling a bit down!

But one little elf noticed.  Chloe was an apprentice elf.  This was her first Christmas with Santa’s operation and really she didn’t want to be making toys, but she’d had rubbish GCSE results and, with limited options, jumped at her chance of an apprenticeship with Santa.  He was known to give good references and she was hoping to get into Beauty College next September.

Chloe was a caring little elf and one evening after her shift she went down to Mrs Claus kitchen and knocked on the door.  “Come in” bellowed a grumpy voice and the little elf nearly ran away in terror.  But instead she opened the door and peered round.

“H..h…hello Mrs Claus…” she whispered, “I…I..I’m sorry to disturb you, but I was going past  “At One Day Spa” in Great Western Arcade yesterday, and I noticed this…and I thought maybe I could use it to help ease your feet?”.  With trembling hands she held out a little Elemis Nourishing Treasures giftset.

Mrs Claus heart melted – she was usually a lovely happy friendly lady and little Chloe looked so sorry and earnest, she felt quite touched.  Before she knew it, Mrs Claus was sitting back with a glass of mulled wine and her feet in a washing up bowl full of warm water enriched by Elemis Skin Nourishing Shower Cream from the little giftset.  “Oh my goodness”, she said “my feet need that!”.

After a few minutes, Chloe took one foot out, dried it with a towel and massaged Mrs Claus calf with Elemis Skin Nourishing Body Lotion and her foot with Elemis Treat Your Feet Foot Cream.  Mrs Claus melted into her seat as Chloe gently took out her second foot and did the same thing.  The beautiful oils and soothing scents relaxed Mrs Claus so that by the time Chloe annointed the pressure points on her feet with a little Elemis Quiet Mind Balm, she was quite blissed out and away with the fairies.

When the treatment was over, Mrs Claus looked gratefully at Chloe.  Her feet felt like new and her soul felt at peace.  It was like she had taken a good long sleep.

“Thank you, my dear”, she said “Where did you learn to do that?”.  “The nice ladies at ‘At One Day Spa’ showed me”, she said “They were really helpful and lovely and this little kit was only £25, and I can use it lots of times to keep you going between now and Christmas Eve, if you want”.  Mrs Claus gave her a big hug and no longer felt down 🙂

In fact, Mrs Claus gave Chloe such a great reference that we took her on and you can now book an appointment with her in “At One Day Spa“!!


And the moral of the story is “Don’t be s-elf-ish, think about someone you love’s w-elf-are, and give them a great gift from us!”

(and if you liked this little tale please pass it on to someone else who’d like it too! Thanks)