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Terms & Conditions

1. Making a Booking
1.1. Bookings can be made by phone, face to face, online or email, subject to the following terms and conditions.
1.2. When making a booking a 50% deposit (unless paying by voucher) will be taken to secure the reservation. The remainder will be payable at the
time of the appointment.
1.3. If you are paying by voucher then we will take the voucher numbers to secure the booking. The vouchers must be presented for redemption at
the time of appointment. If the value of the vouchers is less than the value of the treatment(s) we reserve the right to ask for an additional deposit to
secure the booking.
1.4. If you do not wish to provide card details to pay a deposit over the phone, and you cannot get into the Spa to pay face to face, then you may
instead pay by BACS or PayPal. Please ask for details. Bookings are provisional until deposit payment is received.
1.5. If you are unable or unwilling to make a deposit or provide voucher numbers to secure the booking then we regret that we cannot make the
appointment for you and if we do then it will be in a “provisional” status and may be removed from the diary without notice.
1.6. If you would like to receive a text reminder for your please ensure that we have a valid mobile number for you.
1.7. We endeavour to send text reminders out (usually two days before the appointment date) but we hold no responsibility for failure to attend an
appointment if text messages are not sent or received.
1.8. We reserve the right to report inappropriate telephone or email messages and conversations to the appropriate authorities for action, where we
are able to identify a caller’s telephone number.
1.9. Certain treatments require a patch test at least 24 hours before an appointment, these include: brow and lash tints, lash extensions and spray
1.10 We are insured for children and young people between the ages of 6 and 18 to receive treatments. However, we reserve the right to refuse
treatment on a minor if we feel the treatment is unsuitable, inappropriate, dangerous or not recommended/covered by a manufacturer/insurer. We
require signed parental consent and parental company for those under 16. We accept no responsibility for treatments carried out where we have been
mislead about a person’s age.
2. Cancellations and Rearrangements
2.1. We operate a 24 hour cancellation / rearrangement policy for most treatments. This means:
2.1.1. Paid Appointments: If you cancel or ask to reschedule your appointment more than 24 hours before your appointment time, you will not forfeit your deposit. Instead
it will be held as a prepayment credit in your client account to use for your next appointment. If you cancel or ask to reschedule your appointment less than 24 hours before your appointment time we reserve the right to keep your deposit
and it will not be available to use against any other treatment in the future.
2.1.2. Voucher Appointments: If you cancel or ask to reschedule your appointment more than 24 hours before your appointment time, you will not forfeit your voucher and you
will be able to reuse it (subject to the applicable voucher terms and conditions). you cancel or ask to reschedule your appointment less than 24 hours before your appointment time we reserve the right to process your
voucher in lieu of payment and it will not be available to use against any other treatment in the future.
2.2. Some treatments/offers/packages/parties have a notice period greater than 24 hours and additional terms and conditions. Where applicable this
is highlighted for the specific appointment type.
2.3. Please note that these terms and conditions apply for appointments made for yourself or on behalf of a third party. If making a booking for a third
party it is your responsibility to ensure that person can attend the appointment and is aware of the cancellation policy.
2.4. In the event that we need to cancel or reschedule an appointment we will endeavour to offer acceptable alternatives or refund any deposit.
3. Attending Your Appointment
3.1. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to any treatment times booked to allow time to complete your consultation form if you are visiting for the first
time. We will not carry out a treatment without a completed consultation form and so arriving less than 10 minutes prior to your appointment may
shorten the length of your treatment(s).
3.2. We reserve the right to alter, refuse or terminate a treatment, without refund, in the event of:
 a client declaring a previously undisclosed medical condition that contraindicates their treatment (please see below for more information about
medical conditions)
 a client being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, etc
 a client engaging in inappropriate behaviour or making inappropriate requests of a therapist
 a client abusing a member of staff physically, emotionally, verbally or in any other way
 a client otherwise behaving in a manner that breaks the law, the terms of our massage license and/or the terms of our lease agreement.
3.3. We further reserve the right to report such behaviour outlined above to the Police or appropriate authorities if appropriate.
3.4. Certain treatments are contraindicated by some medical conditions. In some circumstance a client may waive their rights by signing a disclaimer
stating that they are happy to continue with treatment despite being advised that there is a potential contraindication.
3.5. It is a client’s responsibility to raise medical conditions with us at the time of booking so that we can confirm the requested treatment is not
contraindicated.3.6. We are under no obligation to carry out a treatment that requires a patch test if one has not been carried out WITH US. In some circumstance a
client may waive their rights by signing a disclaimer stating that they are happy to continue with treatment without a patch test.
3.7. We take no responsibility for damage to individuals or their belongings whilst on the premises.
3.8. Your consultation form is a confidential document and its contents will not be disclosed to third parties unless otherwise stated or in the event of
fraud, illegal behaviour, etc.
3.9. Your consultation form may be used for marketing purposes if you opt into receiving information from us (check box on form).
3.10.If your circumstances change (including name, address, contact details, medical conditions, etc) you must inform us. We take no responsibility for
any errors or problems arising from a failure to advise us of a change.
3.11. We employ both male and female therapists. If you require a therapist of a specific gender please advise at the time of booking.
3.12 We reserve the right to ask clients to leave if they or those accompanying them behave in an inappropriate manner or disturb the treatments of
others in the Spa. In the event that we ask a client to leave we will request full payment for their treatment regardless of whether the treatment has been
4. Voucher Terms & Conditions
4.1. When making a booking with a gift voucher the voucher number must be given to secure the reservation. If an appointment is cancelled with less
than 24 hours notice or you fail to attend your appointment, the voucher will be voided and will no longer be available to use.
4.2. Vouchers are non-refundable and may not be exchanged for cash in any circumstances.
4.3. Please remember to bring your voucher to your spa day or treatment as no discount will be applied if a voucher is not produced.
4.4. Vouchers are only valid until the date specified on the voucher, after this date no extension, exchange or refund for out of date vouchers is
4.5. Vouchers are considered to be cash in terms of security. Vouchers cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged.
4.6. We reserve the right to replace any element of vouchers with an offer of equivalent value.
4.7. Gift Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase (unless otherwise specified).
4.8. Gift Vouchers must contain a valid authorising signature, voucher code and expiry date.
4.9. Gift vouchers may be exchanged for any treatment but are not accepted for retail purchases and cannot be exchanged for special offer vouchers.
4.10.Gift vouchers are not exchangeable for cash and have no cash value.
4.11. If a treatment price is lower than the gift voucher value, we are under no obligation to refund the difference. We reserve the right to permit small
amounts of excess voucher value to be used against retail sales or added to the client’s account at our discretion. We also reserve the right to refund a
difference in value in the form of vouchers.
4.12. Gift vouchers for a specified treatment must be used for that treatment. We reserve the right to permit another treatment of the same value to be
carried out at our discretion.
5. Complaints Procedure
5.1. If you are unhappy about a treatment you receive please in the first instance tell the therapist providing the treatment so that he/she can adjust the
treatment if necessary and possible.
5.2. If you are still unhappy about your treatment please contact us and explain the problem. We will endeavour to resolve any issues immediately but
in some cases these may need to be passed to a Manager for attention. It may not always be possible for a resolution to be found immediately.
5.3 To assist us with responding to complaints please give the date, time and type of treatment you received, the name of the therapist (if known), your
contact details, and the nature of your complaint.
Medical Conditions
There are some medical conditions that are contra-indicated for some treatments. This means that a therapist may need to obtain permission from your
GP, consultant or other medical practitioner before carrying out treatment, or may avoid certain areas of the body during treatment. Conditions that may
be contraindicated are listed below, but this is not a comprehensive list and you should enquire about specific conditions prior to treatment.
High blood pressure Contagious or infectious skin
Areas of unexplained lumps,
bumps or severe pain
Bone breaks and fractures
Cancer Disorders of the circulatory and
lymphatic system
Skin problems such as rashes,
bruises, sores, lesions, swelling,
burns, boils and blisters
Heart defects and conditions including
Varicose Veins and Ulcers Phlebitis Thrombosis Diabetes
Recent operations and /
or scar tissue
Areas of inflammation and / or
Slow release injections / patches Pregnancy (especially first trimester or
where there are complications)
Current cold / fever Infectious illness or disease Hernia Osteoporosis
Chronic / severe asthma Allergies Use of certain drugs Recent skin treatments
We reserve the right to change or amend these terms and conditions from time to time without notice. Correct at August 2014.

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